Levying Property Tax Arbitrary, Undemocratic: Tarigami

SRINAGAR: Former legislator and CPI( M) leader Mohamad Yousuf Tarigami has termed the levying of property tax in Jammu and Kashmir as “arbitrary and undemocratic”.

In a statement CPI(M) leader Tarigami said that the process of collecting tax and deciding the values of the tax is the sole prerogative of the elected institutions — the legislature to frame laws and the municipal councils/corporations to decide the forms and different values according to their objective realities.

“Levying property tax in absence of an elected government is quite unconstitutional. Even the elected municipal bodies were not consulted,” he said in a statement.

He added that the most objectionable part of the notification is the decision of deciding the values from the centre.

“These are the towns and cities to decide the values and not the centre, as mandated by the 74th Constitutional Amendment. The notification is ultra vires to  the constitutional mandate,” Tarigami said, adding that the locking period of three years is also arbitrary.

“The cities must be given the prerogative to decide when they want to change their values and there should not be any particular locking period,” he said.

He demanded the immediate withdrawal of the notification.


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