Lingering departmental promotion of doctors proves incompetence and failure of state government: DAK


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Tuesday has taken a dig at the state government for its failure to constitute Departmental Promotional Committees (DPCs) for years now so as to promote deserving specialist medical officers to consultants.

The spokesman quoted Dr Suhail Naik, President, DAK saying “It was for the first time in the history of medical profession that forty percent posts were reserved by government for departmental promotion of senior doctors  to consultants in order to streamline the human resources in department and to make health care system vibrant and efficient,” adding that departmental promotion of medical officers qualified in different specialties will not only  streamline  human resource management in department but will also improve health care at gross root level.”

“There was no option of Departmental Promotion in HME till 2015 and it was the first time that such thing has happened but unfortunately state government has miserably failed in framing departmental promotional Committee for three years now and it has not only dented the morale of deserving specialists but has taken heavy toll on peripheral health care system also. Furthermore, peripheral health care system is facing acute shortage of consultants of different specialities which is hitting patient care badly.” Dr Naik added.

DAK urges the Hon’ble Health Minister Shri Bhali Bhagat to create departmental promotional Committee and to expedite the process of departmental promotion on war footing basis.


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