KCCI submits memorandum to CM, appeals to remove AFSPA  


The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday demanded the removal of laws like AFSPA which gives license to the army or security forces to kill anybody and everybody without any accountability.

The spokesman said that will AFSPA be removed before lakhs of Kashmiris are further killed as it is a tool for the genocide of Kashmiris.

One of the most important is the talks with the stakeholders internally and externally viz India, Pakistan and people of Kashmir in regard to the settlement of Kashmir which has a direct bearing on trade, commerce & industry.

The spokesman said they quote the following from the document of agenda alliance which specified that “the purpose of this alliance is to form a coalition Government that will be empowered to catalyse reconciliation and confidence building within and across the Line of Control (LoC) in J&K thereby ensuring peace in the state. This will, in turn, create an enabling environment for the all-round economic development of the state and prosperity of the people.”Besides, the coalition government will facilitate and help initiate a sustained and meaningful dialogue with all internal stakeholders, which will include all political groups irrespective of their ideological views and predilections. This dialogue will seek to build a broad-based consensus on the resolution of all outstanding issues of J&K.”

Due to lack of political will, there has been no headway for settling Kashmir resulting in not only bloodshed but also resulting in total losses in the majority of businesses while as in others there is hand to mouth existence

Conversion of the killing of little Asifa ( 8 years old) as communal instead of a criminal case of rape and murder with now elements becoming bolstered by organisations like Hindu Ekta Manch of openly demanding economic blockade of Muslims. Unfortunately, the President of the Hindu Ekta Manch who is also a state Committee member of the BJP is spearheading the demand.

The Chamber has already asked that the only way to stop this is to settle Kashmir once for all and it is the duty of the state govt and all to demand the same and bring us out from this daily bloodshed.


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