Little Girl’s Adorable Video Praising Kashmir’s Beauty Wins Hearts on Internet


SRINAGAR: “Papa, Kashmir nahin hai, jannat hai jannat” (Father, this is not Kashmir, this is heaven) — a little Punjabi girl’s video after visiting the valley has melted hearts on social media.

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The little tourist, Pihu, is cute and witty, and her gestures and mannerism belie her tender age.

Pihu, haling from Punjab’s Jalandhar, says she asked her father, who has apparently shot the video, to take her to some cooler place amidst the soaring temperatures at her place and that is how the trip to the valley was planned.

“I told my father to take (us) to some cooler place. The weather in Jalandhar is too hot, that do we have to die in the hot weather. So, Papa said Kashmir is a cooler place where there is a mix-weather, it is warmer sometimes, and colder other times,” she says in heart-melting adorable gestures.

Asked by her father if she was enjoying the trip, Pihu says, “Haan ji, bahut zyada (yes, very much).”

“Papa this is not Kashmir, jannat hai jannat,” Pihu tells her father in the video – shot while the family was enjoying a boat ride in the famous Dal Lake.

On her first trip to the valley, Pihu has fallen in love with the place, and the internet with her.

“I love Kashmir. I have come to Kashmir for the first time. Have you also come to Kashmir? Tell us in the comments,” she says.

The video has gone viral on the social media and has fetched thousands of views.

Many people have also commented that she should be made the brand ambassador of Kashmir Tourism.




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