Liyaqat Had No Intention Of Attack: Hizb Chief

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Breaking his silence over the controversial arrest of  Liyaqat Ali Shah by Delhi Police, United Jihad Council Chief and Hizbul Mujahedeen Supreme Commander Syed Salah ud din Sunday said that his (Liyaqat’s) arrest has actually become a war of credibility between various Indian intelligence and Police agencies, and said that Liyaqat had not gone to carry out attack. He however admitted that at least 120 Kashmiris have crossed over through different routes to join their families in Kashmir.

“My preliminary reports suggest that Liyaqat had gone to join the family back in Kupwara. Prima Facie, it appears that he had no intention of any kind of attack.” Salah ud din said in a telephonic interview to a local news agency, KNS on Sunday, adding that his arrest has now become a bone of contention for central Intelligence agencies and Delhi and JK police.

 “He is being held only to save the face of the police forces, because credibility of various agencies, who branded him as fidayeen is at stake.”

 Salah ud din also admitted that Hizb operative had played vital role in Bemina Fidayeen attack.

The UJC chief however said that abrupt surge in militant activities in Capital City and other towns was to remind the establishment, forces and the people of the state, that Militants were always capable to strike anywhere and anytime. However he added that UJC sticks to its plans of carrying out its activities in border areas only during the time of mass agitations.

“We don’t want to provide any kind of opportunity and excuse to forces to attack the innocent and unarmed civilians in the garb of negotiating Mujahedeen, so we keep away from civilian areas when people are on the roads”, he said.

He however justified ‘Fidayen’ attacks and said ‘there was a hell of difference between suicide and Fidayeen attack’. “Fidayeen attack is not prohibited in Islam. In fact this is the highest level of Jihad. When a man is at war with a force manifold powerful in every respect to him, he can carry out a fidayeen attack. But yes, suicide is not permitted in Islam, and that is when you are fed up of your life and give it away to escape the hardships”, said the Hizb Supreme Commander, adding that “Fidayeen never give away their life to escape from the hardships of life, but take the death abreast to negotiate the enemy.”

He appreciated the separatist leadership for joining hands in the aftermath of Afzal Guru hanging and said that constitution of MMM was the best possible way to get on a single platform. “I urge all the separatist leadership to sort out the differences if at all, there are any and move forward jointly, because a platform, like MMM is the need of hour,” Hizbul Supremeo said who also expressed satisfaction over the current agitation programme by MMM.

“I have been saying since 2010, that the strikes have to be phase wise, so that poor people continue their support to movement and at the same time carry on with the daily affairs also”, Salah ud din said.

He also lashed out at Amnesty International saying, the global human rights watch dog was in hand in glove with Indian establishment and their recent statements against PSA in J&K was a gimmick.

“They are shedding crocodile tears to mislead people. Tell me how many times they have taken the issue of atrocities on civilians in Kashmir by Indian forces to international forums”, questioned Salah ud din, who also ridiculed Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s statements on the issue.

“Omar Abdullah is nothing more than a clark of central government in Kashmir. How can you expect him to do something good for the people in Kashmir when he is a puppet in the hands of India?” asked Hizb Chief.

“I challenge him to release a single person whom intelligence agencies don’t want to get out of jail. If anyone thinks, he (Omar) can do wonders for Kashmiris, I would feel pity on him for losing the wits”, added Salah ud din.

Commenting on US report regarding the possibility of surge in militancy in Kashmir after US pull out in Afganistan, Salah ud din said, “This is a deliberate projection of US and India.”

He also opposed the bilateral cultural and trade relations between India and Pakistan, saying such CBMs were akin to rubbing the salt on the wounds of Kashmiris. “Friend of enemy is also an enemy”, he said.

He expressed his concern over the continuous detention of Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani, other separatist leaders and youth and said that the establishment was not even bothered for his (Geelani’s) deteriorating health.


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