LoC will meet fate of Berlin wall: Yasin Malik


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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Friday said that ‘India had committed a crime by hanging father of Kashmiri nation Mohammad Maqbool Butt on 11th February 1984 and has repeated the same tyrant approach on 9th of February 2013 by hanging son of Kashmir Mohammad Afzal Guru’.

Yasin Malik said that Maqbool’s martyrdom on gallows gave birth to Lakhs of Maqbool’s in Kashmir and about one lakh kashmiri’s followed his Footprints and embraced martyrdom. “Now India has martyred Afzal on gallows in the same manner; India should know that this martyrdom and sacred blood will surely create many more Afzal’s and the flame of freedom struggle will get much brighter”, he said while addressing a joint all parties protest rally organised at Muzafarabad.

Yasin Malik said that kashmiri’s have not and will take these barbaric acts of Indian state lightly and will continue their protest .

While demanding returning back of dead bodies and mortal remains of martyr Mohammad Maqbool Butt and Mohammad Afzal Guru, Malik said that human world  and civil society especially Indian civil society will have to take action, open their lips and stop Indian state’s tyrant approach and if they fail to do so people will lose faith in peace, harmony and humanity. Appealing to the people of Kashmir to continue their protest demanding the mortal remains of martyrs, Yasin malik said that we cannot forget the martyrs and those who sacrificed their lives.

Malik while thanking the people and leadership of “Azad Kashmir” for showing their support and solidarity said that the hearts and minds kashmiri’s across the cease fire line (LOC) are one.

“Our land, sky, air and water is one, our soul and body is one and no one can stop us from being one nation. Whole world through its might divided Germany into two and even a wall was erected between the two, but world couldn’t divide the people of Germany and that is why after many years of separation the German’s got together and the human nature defeated the might of the world and Berlin wall fall down into pieces”

Malik said that the artificial wall separating Kashmiri’s will also fall down like Berlin wall and Kashmir will become one.


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