Locals Accuse Army of Harassment in Palhallan



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Locals from Palhallan area of Pattan town in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district Monday while accusing Army of harassment alleged that it has become extremely difficult for common people to board on passengers vehicle at Palhallan crossing as according to them the Road Opening Party of Army not only abuse them there but also use their lathi’s to force people to flee from the spot.

“We don’t dare to wait for the bus at Palhallan crossing. They (Army men) abuse and manhandle us there and don’t allow us to board any vehicle there. If by mistake any vehicle stops there or passengers alight from them, they chase them and beat them up,” the locals told CNS.

The locals from Palhallan Pattan said that the army men from 29 RR have let loose a reign of terror in the area. “An Army Major from Wusan Camp led this Road Opening Party and he has been giving a free hand to his men to harass people in the area. They even don’t spare respectable citizens who wait for the vehicles at the bus stop,” they alleged.

“Recently a lawyer was manhandled by these troopers. Their behaviour is never up to the mark. People are scared to wait at the bust stop at Palhallan crossing,” the locals said.

An Army official while terming the allegations baseless said that directions have been given to Army personnel to secure the rights of the citizens.


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