National Conference on Friday expressed concern over the shortage of essential items in Kashmir, particularly in north Kashmir areas, urging the government to implement measures to look after vulnerable sections of the society.

Lone said the stringent lockdown has created a scarcity of necessary food items in Kashmir division, in particular, the north Kashmir areas and that people are finding it very difficult to run their kitchens.

“The shortage of essential commodities is severely felt in both urban as well as rural areas of north Kashmir. People are finding it hard to purchase vegetables, milk and other kitchen condiments. The countrywide scale of this lockdown has affected the movement of various important commodities all across Kashmir Division, in particular, the far-flung areas of North Kashmir,” he said adding, “Admiringly, self-help groups, and mohalla committees are out doing a good deal of work, the government has only confined itself to cosmetic measures.  The entire valley presents a sorry state of affairs, the ration that has been doled out to APL, and BPL families is not enough. I, therefore, request the government not to turn their back on those who are at need. The quota of the ration should be increased; in addition to it free sanitary kits should be provided to all households free of cost. The tribal community should not be overlooked in a time of crises; special arrangements, ground staff should be put in place to help the community.”

“Administration should also be alive to its obligations in ensuring the safe return of all the students currently stranded at Kota Rajasthan, Amritsar, Bangalore and other cities across the country.  The government should on priority basis rescue all the stranded laborers from different towns of Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Himachal,” he added.


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