Make Decision Of Holding Exam In March A Permanent Feature: Hurriyat (G)

KL Report


Reacting to state government’s decision of holding exams in March, Hurriyat Conference (G) Saturday said that although the decision will waste seven months of the students, the loss can be compensated by making the decision permanent for the future.

In a statement Hurriyat (G) spokesman said that if the March session is not made permanent then it is sheer injustice to postpone the exams and it will not only waste a whole year of the thousands of students but in the next year they will be left with a very short period for the studies and they will not be able to complete their syllabus.

He said that the conducting exams in march session is very common outside the Jammu & Kashmir and this system was also in practice in Jammu & Kashmir in the near past “but the bureaucracy then changed this system for their personal interests with such a cruel practice of holding exams in the harsh winter of this region.”

The Hurriyat spokesman said that custom of Darbar move is in practice in Jammu & Kashmir from the Dogra rule and in winter season the government and administration shift their offices from Srinagar to Jammu and left the people of the region on the mercy of the circumstances.

“The bureaucrats also shift their families with the Darbar move to the warmer places of the state and the examinations in March session were troubling them in some ways so they changed this session merely for their personal benefits. Hurriyat explained that in the situation of holding exams in March session, the classes of the students would have remain open till the middle of December and the bureaucrats would not have been able to shift their wards with them,” he said.

The spokesman said that this present system of examination is in many ways negatively impacting the careers of the students and it also wastesmany months of their studies. The admissions in the  professional courses outside the state are usually held in the month of May so, the desirous students of our state have to wait for many months to get the admission and during this period they have to face many difficulties for this.


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