Make May 21 March To Edigah A Success, Mirwaiz To People

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The recitation of Quran and special prayer marked the onset of ‘Hafta Shouda’ (martyrs week) to mark the 23rd anniversary of Moulvi Muhammad Farooq, 11th anniversary of Abdul Gani Lone, people who were killed in Hawal and lakhs of other people who were killed across Jammu and Kashmir

The Anjuman-e-Auqaf Jamia Masjid Srinagar convened the biggest prayer and Quranic recitation session at Mirwaiz Manzil here. The session which was presided over by the Anjuman head, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, was attended by prominent religious figures, intellectuals, social activists, students and people from cross section of society.

During the prayers session, the participants offered special prayers for all people who were killed and for the freedom of Kashmir. Following the prayers, a Quranic recitation competition was organized by the Anjuman during which was attended by the students of noted madrassas.

The Mirwaiz also convened a seminar entitled “Social, Political, and religious contribution of Shaheed-e-Millat” organized by the AAC Zone Nawakadal. A large number of party activists, students, workers, and general public participated in the seminar and paid rich tributes to Molvi Muhammad Farooq and the people who were killed during 2008, 2010 and of last 20 years.

While detailing out the significance of observing this week, Mirwaiz appealed people, party workers and activists to make May 21 march to Edigah a success.

The Mirwaiz has claimed that “Kashmir issue is a reality and economic packages and money can no way changed its disputed status.” He later congratulated Mian Nawaz Shairef for winning elections in Pakistan. Recounting his recent visit to Pakistan, he said that during his meeting with Sharief, it was assured to Hurriyat (M) delegation that PML (N) would give importance to Kashmir issue and would do all efforts to resolve this problem according the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiris.

The Mirwaiz said Kashmiris have nothing against Indian people, but they issues with the Indian establishment. He also expressed his regret saying that state government completely failed to protect Afzal Guru and is now “shedding crocodile tears unlike the state government of Punjab and Tamil Nadu.”


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