Make Public Probe Reports Into Spurious Drugs, Deaths At GB Pant: CSFK

KL Report


Civil Society Forum Kashmir Saturday urged state government to take medical and health sector on top most priority while as it questioned delay in making the enquires into spurious drug scam and death of children at G B Pant hospital here.

In a statement issued by CSFK here to KNS, the forum said over a period of time it has observed that the government tends to leave the issues of Healthcare behind as soon as the focus is shifted away from them. “Why does government and investigating agencies sleep over the issues which are grave and important in the sensitive area of health and medical care concerned with the lives of Lakhs of  people of Jammu and Kashmir?,” said the Secretary General  of CSFK in the statement.

“It is more than a year now, the case of GB panth Hospital where we lost more than 1000 children not a single person has been convicted till date. Last year 55 cases of spurious/fake medicine cases were registered but again not a single execution made.”

Recent scam of spurious/fake medicines in which drugs penetrated into Government Hospitals and were mostly given to gynea patients putting their lives at risk, the statement said.

“Who knows how many of these patients even died due to these fake medicines?”

The slow and snails pace investigation by the government in these cases is a huge threat to the medical setup of the state, the forum said.

“Medical and Health Sector cannot be compromised at all. No society will allow this to happen. It has been observed that the Drug controller office is a defunct body. Why the department in such a state is in itself a huge question that needs to be answered,” the forum said.

“Purchase committee responsible for the purchase of these spurious drugs cannot walk away from its responsibility. Lives of innocent, sick and poor people have been put at risk.”

CSFK appealed government and it’s investigating agencies to speed up the process of investigation and to bring the guilty to justice so that a strong message is sent across by the state government. “A sloppy investigation only acts as an encouragement to the culprits and is surely a huge threat to the medical and health system of Jammu and Kashmir.”


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