Malik Calls For Shutdown On PM’s Arrival

Shah Abbas


Accusing congress high command of preventing him from distributing relief among the earthquake victims in Chenab Valley, JKLF chairman, Mohammad Yasin Malik Thursday called for complete shutdown on the arrival of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Dr Singh is scheduled to arrive on a two days visit to Kashmir in the last week of June.

“The Congress high command in New Delhi had decided to stop us from distributing the relief among earthquake victims which JKLF had collected from Kashmiri people,” Malik said adding, “give me a single instance from anywhere in the world when relief distribution was not allowed.”

“Dr Singh is the murderer of Afzal Guru, In his regime 72 innocent Kashmiris were killed in 2008, 42 in 2009 and 124 in 2010, so I appeal people of Kashmir to observe black day when Indian PM will visit Kashmir,” Malik said in a press conference on Thursday after reaching Srinagar from Doda.

He alleged that the prime minister of India could not do anything during his regime despite the fact that a peace process was going on. “On one hand a peace process was going on and on the other kashmiris were victimized at the behest of the congress government of New Delhi,” Malik said, adding, “now PM’s employees are issuing statements in favour of talks and all that, let me ask Mr Singh what you have given Kashmiris in past nine years and what can you give in the remaining nine months.”

Terming congress party as most communal, Malik said, “When Babri Masjid was demolished, the then PM Narasimha Rao was busy in Puja for a successful demolition.” He alleged that congress wants to divide the J&K state on communal lines “that is why JKLF was not allowed to distribute the relief meant for people of Chenab Valley irrespective of their religion”.

Recalling his meeting with prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh in 2006, Malik said, “I told him in the presence of twelve people that he must address the plight of the victim families of disappeared persons and he assured me action on priority basis but everybody knows that in his regime hundreds of Kashmiris including Afzal Guru were killed and life imprisonments to 32 Kashmiris were announced.”

“The party of Ghandi Ji has turned itself into a communal force and it has even communalized the Kashmir University,” Malik alleged, adding, “The Vice Chancellor of KU is acting like a Halqa President of Congress, who does not allow formation of students union but facilitated Rahul Gandhi to form the Students Union of Congress.”

Malik alleged that Doda police smashed the windowpanes of the trucks carrying the relief material and arrested the drivers after beating them.


  1. it is 127 in 2010, 61 in 2008 & in 2009, it was Shopian tragedy. Shopian was continuously shut for 47 days and I don’t remeber the exact figures of our great martyrs.


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