Malik condemns ‘nocturnal raids to stop peaceful march towards Badami-bagh cantonment’


Nocturnal raids, the imposition of curfew and restrictions, issuing intimidating statements to halt a peaceful peoples march towards Badami Bagh cantonment amounts to accepting defeat even before the start of the “fight”, a JKLF spokesman in a statement said.

The party spokesman said that opening barrels of guns at unarmed civilians and putting a blanket ban on mourning and peaceful protests is glaring display of anti-democratic approach in Kashmir. This was stated by Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) while condemning the spree of arrests, nocturnal raids by authorities to stop peaceful march towards Badami-bagh cantonment on December 17, 2018.

The spokesman said that Malik has already gone into hiding and has scheduled to lead the protest rally towards Badami Bagh army cantonment. He said, JRL has announced that JRL leaders and people will march towards Badami Bagh Army cantonment on Monday December, 17, to ask GOI to “kill all of us at one time rather than killing us daily basis”.

Meanwhile, the spokesman claimed that Police raided the house of JKLF senior zonal vice president Muhammad Yasin Butt and took him in custody. He has been detained at police station Nigeen. JKLF zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal is already in police custody and was yesterday shifted to Kothi-bagh Police station. Police also arrested JKLF vice chairman Showkt Ahmad Bakshi was and has lodged him at police station Kothibagah. JKLF zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri is also languishing at police station Maisuma from last few days. In a bid to arrest, Malik, Police yesterday evening raided the residence of some of his friends and well-wishers. Similar kinds of raids were conducted against Zonal general secretary Sheikh Abdul Rashid and many others. Police is summoning many JKLF members to present themselves at police stations from yesterday.

The spokesman also claimed that besides the above said detainees, authorities have also imprisoned JKLF deputy chief organizer Siraj Ud din Mir, Ghulam Nabi Kashmiri (who are both ailing in Kot-Balwal jail), Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Abdul Rashid Magloo, Assadullah Sheikh held under PSA, lifer Nazir Ahmad Sheikh and others and all these inmates are facing “torture” in jails.


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