Malik Not Allowed To Reach Doda With Relief

KL Report


Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman, Mohammad Yasin Malik was once again not allowed to reach to earthquake victims in Chinab Valley with the relief he has collected from the people. He was arrested along with his party associates at Awantipora, on Srinagar Jammu highway on Tuesday, and lodged in the police station there.

Malik had proceeded to Chinab Valley early morning with the vehicles laden with the relief items. A JKLF, spokesman told Kashmir Life that the same vehicles were also detained in the police station Awantipora.

Earlier on May 29, Malik along with his associates was arrest and ‘forced’ to return from Doda. He had gone to distribute relief among the Chenab Valley earthquake victims. Malik then had alleged congress for prohibiting him from distributing the relief.

Almost all the unionist political parties had condemned the police action against Malik in Doda saying that distributing relief among the victims of any sort was the duty of every human being and to prohibit such activities was not fare.


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