Unity In Diversity Is J&K’s Strength: Omar

KL Report


Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah on Tuesday said that the strength of Jammu and Kashmir is in its trait of communal harmony and unity in diversity. He underscored the need for its strengthening and nurturing.

 Addressing a congregation of thousands of devotees at Lamayuru, a remote village in Leh district of Ladakh region after inaugurating Great Fotang Shrine and Amphitheatre, the Chief Minister said that all religions teach amity and brotherhood and create conducive atmosphere in the society for all to grow equitably and in a peaceful environment.

 Omar Abdullah said that certain elements for their vested interests want to create wedge between the followers of different faiths and disturb the peace of the world. He said no religion preaches hatred but holds high, the principals of humanity and brotherhood. He said peace and coexistence of the people of different faiths and cultures makes the society strong and ensures equitable development of all.

Omar Abdullah also talked about State’s rich culture and heritage and said that people from all over the world keep coming here to witness this beauty of the people along with scenic splendour and natural beauty.

The Chief Minister said that pilgrim tourism constitutes an important aspect of the State’s tourism and all the three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh possess rich pilgrim destinations. He said his government is actively engaged in showcasing this specialty of the State and create different pilgrim tourist circuits to rope in pilgrims from all over the country and the world to visit holy places in the State and pay obeisance at the Shrines of different faiths.

The Chief Minister said that Jammu and Kashmir is abode of various faiths, religions and cultures. He said the renowned religious scholars and preachers have contributed a lot to keep the candle of communal harmony alit and inculcate the spirit of love, brotherhood and mutual respect for each other in the hearts and minds of people.

Omar Abdullah said that Jammu and Kashmir holds respectable place in the country and the world for it’s this mannerism and great writers, historians have eulogized the people and the State for it’s this attitude and character.

 The Chief Minister also talked about the natural beauty of Ladakh region and said that this mountainous area possessing rare fauna, flora and lakes has always roped in visitors and nature lovers from all over the world. He said his government has taken new initiatives to showcase Ladakh’s tourist potential and attract more and more visitors here. He also referred to the beauty of Lamayuru.

The Fotang Shrine and Amphitheatre has been constructed through Tourism Department and Government of India has granted Rs. 107.54 lakhs for its construction. It will promote pilgrim tourism in the area and help generate wide-ranging economic activities for the people in this remote area. The Shrine will also be utilized to observe the Great Snake Year 2013 which comes after every twelve years. Besides the people from all parts of Ladakh and the State, a huge number of tourists from foreign countries have arrived here to observe the Great Snake Year.


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