Malik ridicules assertions made by Rajnath, Jaitley



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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairperson, Muhammad Yasin Malik on Monday said that the union ministers are using Kashmir card to bluff “Indian public opinion”.

“From demonetization to use of NIA to malign Kashmiri resistance, everything that is harming Indian people is being justified in the name of Kashmir,” Malik said in a statement issued here.

Ridiculing the assertions made by union home minister and union finance minister about Kashmir, Malik said that one minister is taking credit of weakening the resistance in Kashmir by NIA threats and other is in pursuit to justify much-criticized demonetization by saying that “resistance” is fading because of demonetization.

“These Indian ministers are actually trying to befool and bluff Indian public opinion by playing anti-Kashmir card and hence trying to put their failures under the carpet,” he said.

Rajnath Singh

Malik said that demonizing “Kashmiri resistance” has been a ploy of Indian rulers who level allegations against leadership and propagate false and fabricated allegations through Joseph Goebbels inspired Indian media. “In-fact all occupational regimes use these tactics against freedom fighters and if one thoroughly studies the history of Indian freedom movement, he would find similar kind of tactics and allegations cast against freedom fighters of that time also,” Malik added.

He said that “RSS inspired and launched people” can only think on the lines of Hitler and Mussolini as these “tyrants” are their inspiration and because these people even during Indian struggle for freedom have been working as “collaborators” of British occupation.

Arun Jaitley

“One can only feel pity for the naivety of people who think that by putting some people in jails and casting doubts on their integrity through biased media, they can defeat a movement that involves a whole nation. From 1947, people of Jammu Kashmir have witnessed massacres, mass arrests, beatings, killings, vandalizing, blinding and destruction. In 90’s India launched operation ‘catch and kill’, operation tiger, operation Ikhwanis and so onto crush Kashmiris. This so-called biggest democracy killed thousands with impunity, tortured thousands and buried thousands in unmarked graves.”


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