MDM Holds Special Prayer for ‘Stability of Pakistan’



On the eve of Pakistan day Muslim Deeni Mahaz Tuesday said that the country of Pakistan was founded in the basis of Islam and today efforts are being made to change the country into a liberal and secular nation.

“This is a deceit to the sacrifices of millions of Muslims who laid their life for the creation of an Islamic Pakistan. Those people wished for a strong Pakistan that would be a fort for Islam and Muslims but today the efforts to convert it into a liberal and secular country are in contrary to those wishes,” a statement issued by the pro-freedom group said this evening.

The spokesperson of MDM said, “in cities like Ferozpure, Jalandhar, Amritsar and Ludhiana, millions of Muslims were butchered so that this country comes into being for Islam and Muslims and is stabilised. They promised to Allah regarding this country. Right now Pakistan is a sore of eyes for the pagan nations and they are ever ready to inflict wounds on the country. A vicious propaganda is unleashed to tarnish the image of this country amongst Muslims. Muslims should learn to differentiate between Pakistan and its government. People can have differences with the Pakistani government but they should not be inimical towards the country. We should support those people and organisations that are working for bringing back Pakistan on the path of Shariah.”

Meanwhile, the general Secretary of MDM Muhammad Maqbool Bhat led a special prayer for the stability of Pakistan, the statement added.


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