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Asserting that the meaningful dialogue between India and Pakistan was the only way to resolve Kashmir dispute including all other issues, Hurriyat Conference (M) spokesman Friday said that keeping in view the past experiences it becomes clear that confrontational approach adopted by the two nuclear armed neighbours had bored no results except it has intensified already tense relations.

Welcoming the reports regarding resumption of dialogue between the two nations, he said Hurriyat (M) has always advocated for the friendly relations between the two nuclear armed neighbours and believes the confrontation only worsens relations instead of solving the existing issues.

“Peace, stability, and economic prosperity of South Asia is linked to Kashmir dispute. Hence, Kashmir issue should be solved on urgent basis to extricate millions of people of South Asia from the era of uncertainty and instability,” he said in a statement to KNS.

Referring to the judgement of Budgam court whereby it exonerated notorious fake god man, Gulzar Ahmad Bhat alias Gulzar Peer, who was involved in exploitation of under-age girls, for want of evidence, the spokesman said, “It becomes clear that investigating agencies and police abet such criminals and are hand in glove with them at many levels.”

He said that Gulzar was caught red handed and ample evidence lies in the public which incriminates him in the sexual exploitation case. “The girls, who were exploited, have come on record and Kashmir’s social and religious bodies too have denounced his acts. Despite such grisly crimes, Gulzar got released since the investigating agencies did not produce the evidence on time in the court so that he could have got exemplary punishment,” he added.

The spokesman alleged the government and non government agencies in such cases have always played a dirty role, adding, the infamous sex scandal is one such case where all the accused were acquitted by the courts for lack of evidence. “It happened since the investigating agencies shielded the guilty, hide the evidence, and abetted the bureaucrats and elites. Police and investigating agencies deliberately keep lacunas in the investigation so that the courts exonerate them for lack of evidence,” he alleged.


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