Mehbooba Condemns Shopian Killings

KL Report


Strongly condemning the shooting by security forces in Shopian that killed 4 local youth on Saturday, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said the government is testing the patience of the people in the name of security arrangements. In a statement from New Delhi where she is on a visit the party president Mehbooba Mufti said the youth have reportedly been gunned down in broad day light without any provocation. “Dubbing them as militants to justify their killing in like rubbing the salt on the wounds of their families” said Mehbooba.

Mehbooba said she received a number of calls from the residents of the Shopian town to narrate a version that belies government story that the slain youth were carrying arms or were militants attacking the CRPF bunker. She said on a day when entire Kashmir has been imprisoned in the name of establishing peace through music it was a natural fallout of the situation that all Kashmir residents are viewed as suspects and the four innocent youth have fallen victim to that mind set.

Mehbooba said today’s incident is one of the worst tragedies and has once again highlighted the fact that people of Jammu & Kashmir are completely helpless before the security forces and the state government is busy enjoying the luxuries of power.
Mehbooba said in this situation one can only appeal the consciousness of this country and the people in rest of India who should realize the actual situation in Kashmir. It is a sad fact that any Kashmiri is vulnerable to arrest or death without any reason and the government is eveready to cover up these crimes by dubbing the victims as terrorists.

MLA Shopian Ab Razaq Zawoora also condemned the killings and expressed his heartfelt sympathies with the bereaved families of the victims.


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