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Putting a question mark on the government’s intention on the rehabilitation policy of the youth returning from across the line of Control, Peoples Democratic Party president Mehbooba Mufti Monday said that the current format of the policy was unclear and discouraging for those who actually want to take the benefit of the policy.

“If you have a policy duly endorsed by not only the local government but the federal governments of both the countries, what is the fun of asking them to take the Nepal rout which is not only expensive but risky as well as has been seen in Liyakat Ali Shah’s case.” Mehbooba told a local news agency, KNS after meeting a group of delegation who had called upon her regarding the issue. She urged that the traditional routes of Srinagar-Muzzaffarabad and Ponch Rawalkot should be used for these persons.

The PDP president expressed her displeasure over what she said, “The unwillingness of the governments to form a comprehensive strategy for the return of Kashmiri youth and their families from the other side of the fence.

“When they had crossed over to other side of the control line, they were young, but now most of them are in their middle age and some even in their old age and they have the families as well. Still they are made to roam around Police stations and courts to defend their cases which have been lodged decades back,” said Mehbooba, demanding that all the FIR’s and other cases should be settled at an earliest against those who return their homes under the policy.

“The big issue is of their families. They have Pak origin wives and the kids also, but unfortunately Kashmir has become a virtual jail for them. Government doesn’t have any policy to allow them to visit their parents at the time of even eventualities,” asserted Mehbooba. She while expressing sympathy with the wives of the returnees said, that they should be allowed to visit, at least once in a year, their parents.


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