‘Mehbooba only expresses anguish after every killing’: Hakim Yasin


Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin on Thursday in a statement  expressing the serious concern over the spate of civilian killings in Kashmir and  “unfortunately after every such killing, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti Sahiba only expresses anguish and isn’t able to do anything to stop it.”

“After every civilian killing, Mehboobaji issues a statement, where she condemns it and expresses anguish like all other political parties. It seems the Chief Minister is so helpless that she isn’t able to take action against the culprits. Chief Minister, opposition and separatists, all issue the statements after every killing to condemn it. But if the government is condemning the killings, what stops it from taking action against the culprits,” Hakim Yasin said in a statement.

Reminding the government of its ‘healing touch’ and ‘zero tolerance’ claims on human rights violations, he said, “All these statements have proven a hoax. The duty of any government is to safeguard the rights of its citizens, but this government has miserably failed. They can’t befool people of the state anymore now on such promises.”

The PDF chief also said that use of pellet guns against civilian protesters has resurfaced in Kashmir as in the past few days several youths have been hit by the deadly pellets.

“Despite state and international human rights organisations urging the government to stop the use of this deadly weapon, it seems the government is least bothered about it. It is unfortunate that Kashmiri youth are being blinded and maimed by these deadly weapons and the government is silent,” he rued.

“The government should take into consideration the ground realities and create an environment of trust. But instead, it is taking such step which makes the situation tenser. The government should announce an immediate ban on pellet guns and advice relevant quarters against the policy of mass harassment, raids and arrests as this has worsened an already volatile situation in the State and also goes against the values and principles of democracy,” Yasin added.


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