Mehbooba Urges Action For Revenue Officials, Reengagement Of Tourism Daily Wagers

KL Report


An equitable share shall be given to all travel operators and tourism stake holders in the expanding pilgrimage tourism sector, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti has said while talking to a delegation of the representatives of tour and travel industry of Kashmir here today.

As per a statement Mehbooba has said, “Amarnath pilgrimage has been part of the social fabric of Kashmir and it is important that its economic benefits reach the local travel industry and the population in the concerned areas.” The statement reads that Mehbooba was conveyed an impression that the local travel industry is getting marginalized in the Amarnath yatra and has urged the concerned authorities to ensure that the highly professional, committed and dedicated travel industry of the state receives a uniform share in the economic spin off from pilgrimage tourism.

Another delegation of a young people called on the PDP president and appraised her that their services as daily rated employees in tourism department had been arbitrarily discontinued. Urging the government to reengage these young people numbering reportedly 150 She has said it was ironical that on the one hand the state government was claiming to be making fresh recruitments and on the other hand they were throwing out those who have been working for it for many years. She said, “The government must make clear whether it is disengaging the existing employees to make rooms for its much hyped new recruitment drive aimed at accommodating its favorites either for political reasons or for monetary considerations.”

Mehbooba has also expressed concern at the continued neglect of the demands of revenue officials who have been on strike for about three weeks. She has said the revenue official’s duties are of a crucial nature and their striking of work results in lots of problems for the ordinary people. She has said, “The government must listen to the demands of these important officials and fulfill all their genuine demands.”


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