Mehbooba, Vohra pay rich tributes to Mirza Afzal Baig


Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti has paid glowing tributes to late Mirza Muhammad Afzal Baig, former Deputy Chief Minister, on his 36th death anniversary.

In her message, the Chief Minister described late Afzal Baig a seasoned leader who possessed unmatched qualities of an astute politician and an equally innovative administrator who ruled the political canvas of the State for a pretty long time.

Mehbooba Mufti said the role and contribution made by late Mirza Afzal Baig in the public life of Jammu & Kashmir would be remembered for ever. She said his contribution in the historic land reforms, which led to equal distribution of land resources among people, has been monumental. People would continue to recall his far sightedness and maturity with which he conducted himself in politics and administration, the Chief Minister said in her message.

Meanwhile Governor N N Vohra has paid tribute to Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg, former Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, on his 36th  death anniversary. He observed that Beg Sahib was an astute administrator and parliamentarian who, as Sheikh Sahib’s Revenue Minister, was the architect of visionary land reforms and enforcement of pro-tiller policies.

Governor noted that Mirza Beg would perhaps be remembered most for the maturity and farsight with which he conducted the extended parleys, in the mid 1970s, with the representative of the Union, leading to the “Beg-Parthasarthy Accord”, a landmark in J&K – Delhi understandings.


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