Mir’s success comes from New Delhi: Hurriyat (G)

KL Report


While declaring the Democratic Party Nationalist chief, Ghulam Hassan Mir as a ‘puppet and agent of intelligence agencies’, Hurriyat Conference (G) Sunday in a statement accused Mir of being directly controlled by Indian secret agencies.

Terming his speech in Tangmarg as dictation from Army, Hurriyat (G) said that he is organizing the public rallies with the funding of Army and agencies.

The conglomerate further said that Mir will be declared the winner by the authorities in New Delhi in any way whether the people vote him or not.

Hurriyat (G) alleged said that the New Delhi has raised an army of ‘traitors’ in the state who are helping the ‘oppressors to kill and murder the innocent people’.

“Gh. Hassan Mir is a group leader of Indian agents who are in direct control of the army and oppressed forces and his character has been exposed and nothing is in hiding from anybody that is why the revelation of former army chief General V. K. Singh about Mir where covered up by the authorities and no investigation was done in to this serious matter,” Hurriyat (G) said in a statement.

Hurriyat (G) added that  Mir is an influential person, who despite being a lone member in the assembly, gets the port-folio and no government dares to reject him.


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