Mirwaiz announces support to London’s ‘Million March’

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Demanding immediate withdrawal of troops from Kashmir, Hurriyat (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday called upon GOI to shun its ‘policy of delaying’  with ​regard to ​the ​re​solution of Kashmir since it would have far reaching ​and ​negative impact and would lead to destabilization of the entire region.

“If Indian leadership thinks that by delaying tactics it could defeat the will and resolve of the people towards freedom struggle,” Mirwaiz said, adding that ​GoI was ​highly mistaken since Kashmiris have been fighting for the right to self determination from several decades and they were committed to take the struggle forward to its logical end.

Announcing complete support for the ‘Million March’ proposed to be held in London on October 26 by Kashmiris living in​ ​Britain ​and across ​​Europe​, Mirwaiz stated on this day Hurriyat leadership ​on behalf of the ​people of divided Kashmir would submit ​a ​memorandum before the British Government and European Union which would contain the details regarding the ongoing political situation in Kashmir.

He stated that the leadership would also stress on Britain that if Plebiscite could be carried out in Scotland, then why not in Kashmir, adding, the leadership would impress upon Britain to use its influence​to pressure India to grant Kashmiris right to self determination as it was her who gave birth to the Kashmir issue.

According to the Hurriyat (M) spokesman, addressing a huge gathering at the shrine of Sheikh Noor-Ud-din-Noorani (RA) at​Charar-e-Sharief, Mirwaiz stated that India and Pakistan had no option other than to amicably solve Kashmir dispute since ​ it involved ​the aspirations and emotions of​ Jammu and​ Kashmir​.​

Asserting that Kashmir dispute was the major cause of confrontation between the two nations, APHC Chairman said that ​it is better for the leadership of ​India​ to​ should shun their intransigence ​towards the​ ​re​solution of Kashmir issue.

He added when the people of Scotland, East Timor and South Sudan have been given chance to decide their political future through plebiscite, why Kashmiris have been still kept bereft of their birth right- right to self determination.

Mirwaiz  said that the ​ Prime Minister often claims before the international community and global organizations that India wants to solve Kashmir issue through talks, but  practically it has not taken a single step in that ​direction​.

He stated that India ​was ​always looking for excuses ​ to ​backtrack from​  talks with Pakistani state and genuine Kashmiri resistance leadership which reflects its double standard, adding, the calling off of secretary level talks with Pakistan is a ​clear reflection of that policy.​ Kashmir issue was ​not a ​ problem concerning economic grants and concessions, Mirwaiz stated that policy of obstinacy against Pakistani and Kashmiri leadership ​was ​not ​going to ​change the historical reality of Kashmir dispute.

Expressing concern over the restrictions imposed by India on the inflow of International aid to Kashmir in the wake of devastating floods, Mirwaiz appealed global community the route to take of UN, if India disallows them to reach out to flood hit Kashmiris.

Appealing people to observe complete shutdown​on October 27, the day Indian troops landed in Kashmir and usurped the rights of people- Mirwaiz said Kashmiris should express their strong resolve for freedom struggle on this day​and continue to demand complete demilitarization.

Earlier upon reaching the Shrine of renowned saint, Mirwaiz was welcomed by the people and management of shrine. He also held meetings with the noted Islamic scholars and Imams of the area.

Besides, he also led special prayers for forgiveness from Allah in the wake of catastrophic floods which brought misery and destruction for Kashmir. Mirwaiz also held prayers for the speedy recovery of Kashmir from the recent flood fury.


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