Oct 27 Unfortunate Day in History of Kashmir: Malik

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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Friday said 27th October 1947 is an unfortunate day for the freedom loving nations of Jammu Kashmir.

“Its wretchedness and bitterness is still haunting Kashmir and Kashmiris. This nation is striving for its freedom from last six decades and has rendered voluble sacrifices for this just cause,” he said in a statement to KNS.

While appealing Kashmiri’s to observe complete shut down on Monday 27th October, Malik said that the bitterness and wretchedness of this day are such that no Kashmiri can afford to forget this day.

“This day is a black day for this nation that has been denied justice and freedom. As a living nation Kashmiris will keep striving for their just cause and protest against illegal occupation of their mother land. India on 27th October 1947 landed its troops in Kashmir and snatched our freedom and independence,” he alleged.

The JKF chairman said it was India that went to international community and pledged before the nations of the world that it will provide Kashmiri’s their freedom and birth right. “It was India whose leaders in their parliament and before the public, pledged to give Kashmiris a chance to determine their future. But as time passed India forgot to full fill its own pledges and started torturing, killing and oppressing Kashmiris who only tried to remind it its own pledges and commitments,” he alleged.

Yasin Malik said that as JKLF started the historical people’s revolution in 1988, it reminded Kashmiris with the hurtfulness of this day and called on them to register their protest before the international community on this day. From that day onwards Kashmiris observe this day as a black day and protested against the illegal occupation of their land.

“This act that is still showing its ugliness as Indian and Pakistani troops not only exchange fire on blood soaked cease fire line that divides Jammu Kashmir but even on the international border forcing millions of people living on both sides to flee their mother land and homes for safety.

He said that this day is actually responsible for all what is stopping subcontinent from marching towards prosperity and stability and sooner the ugliness of this day is eradicated better will be the future of Kashmir, India, Pakistan and the billions of people living in this region,” he added.

While criticizing the international community for their ‘criminal’ silence on this issue Malik said international community must understand that 65 years are enough to recognize its faults. “When silence and sidelining the issue has not worked for 60 years how can it work now,” he said.

Malik said that international community should shun its silence and persuade India and Pakistan to recognize the owner and principal party status of Kashmiris and create positive atmosphere and resolve the issue of Jammu Kashmir, with the active participation of people of Jammu Kashmir and according to their aspirations, sacrifices and satisfaction.


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