SRINAGAR: Mirwaiz Dr Moulvi Muhammad Umar Farooq underscored critical integration of moral upbringing with conventional education during the inauguration of the Arsh coaching institute in the Seki Dafar area of Srinagar on Wednesday.

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According to a statement, he emphasised the need for educational reforms that incorporate both intellectual and moral training to cope with the pressures of contemporary competitive environments.

“Our institutions must instill a caliber of quality and resilience in students, enabling them to excel in various fields at both local and international levels,” he stated.

Mirwaiz stressed the importance of fostering Islamic and Kashmiri cultural values within educational frameworks, advocating for a balanced approach that nurtures students’ cultural identities along with academic achievements.

“It is crucial that training programs not only prepare students to thrive in competitive conditions but also ground them in their rich cultural traditions,” Mirwaiz added.

He expressed concern over the declining literacy rate in Kashmir, which has fallen by 10 percent in recent years, coupled with a rise in drug addiction among the youth.

He called on educational institutions and parents to intensify their efforts in combating these issues robustly. “Both educators and parents have a pivotal role in curtailing the spread of this dire addiction,” he remarked.

Reflecting on the recent boat tragedy due to an incomplete bridge at Gandabal Batwara, he criticised the local administration’s negligence.

He expressed his deep sorrow and extended condolences, reaffirming commitment to visit the affected families once permitted by the authorities, who denied him permission today.


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