Mirwaiz Dismayed over Imposition of Severe restrictions in Sgr Parts





Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

Hurriyat (m) Chairperson, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who has been placed under house arrest since Thursday, Friday expressed his anger and dismay over the imposition of severe restrictions and undeclared curfew in many parts of Srinagar city besides barring the devotees to offer Friday prayers at Historic Jamia Masjid. He termed the action as “dictatorial and anti-people”, an amalgam statement said this evening.

Mirwaiz stated, “by forcibly restricting the Muslim devotees to offer prayers at the biggest religious centre of Kashmir – Jamia Masjid- in order to conduct few government organized ceremonies in connection with India’s Independence day, the government has played with the religious sentiments of Kashmiris.” He stated that on the pretext of maintaining so called peace and security, the government stopped people from offering Nimaz which has hurt the feeling of the Muslims of Kashmir and which reflects the “dictatorial attitude of the ruling dispensation”.

Mirwaiz said, “it is contrary to the established democratic values that a country on one the hand has usurped the freedom and rights of Self Determination of Kashmiris and on the other hand it claims to be democratic thus suppressing the people of Kashmir and their birth right by force. Kashmiris were tolerating the oppression and suppression since decades.”

Meanwhile, the Hurriyat spokesperson strongly condemned the house arrest of Mirwaiz and imposing restrictions on him to prevent from offering Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid, placing senior Hurriyat leaders Moulana Mohammad Abbas Ansari, Moulana Masroor Abbas Ansari under house arrest, and arrest of Er Hilal Ahmad war and lodging him in police station besides imposing strict curfew and restrictions in Srinagar city thus turning Kashmir into a police state.


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