Mirwaiz Regrets Over Death Of Sarbajit In Pakistan

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Stressing that resolution of Kashmir issue was imperative to improve relations between India and Pakistan, Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said that the trust deficit between the two countries can be reduced only when their leadership would show political maturity to resolve all the pending issues between them.

Addressing a gathering at historic Jamia Masjid, Mirwaiz expressed regret over the death of Sarbajit Singh in Pakistan, adding, no better than a Kashmiri could understand the importance of a human life since lakhs have lost their dear ones in the ongoing turmoil. He hailed the decision of Islamabad to send the body of Sarbajit back to India and calling for an impartial probe into the incident. He said what happened with Sarabjit in Lahore jail was highly condemnable, but it was ironical that India celebrated the execution of martyr Afzal guru by surreptitiously hanging him in the dead of night by violating all the basic human norms, even not caring to inform his family about the hanging.

The Hurriyat (M) Chairman said that the Indian government and its civil society together stood up to protest against the incident, however when the oppressed Kashmiris demanded the mortal remains of Afzal Guru by staging peaceful protests, their voices are being muzzled by using gun and force on protesters.

“It represents the double standard of the Indian Nation,” he said.

Mirwaiz expressed concern and regret over the murderous assault on the Pakistani prisoner lodged in Jammu Koth bilwal Jail. He said such incidents have potential to trigger tension between the two nations which off course is a cause of concern. He said Kashmiris are the first victims to suffer when the two nations come close to a face-off. Stressing that it was the responsibility of government to ensure the safety of Kashmiri prisoners, he said that all the political prisoners and resistance leaders lodged in outside jails across India should be brought back to Srinagar.

The Hurriat (M) Chairman said that those days are over when issues were settled through wars. He said that if both the nuclear neigbourers are serious to resolve the K-dispute, then Hurriyat is ready to extend its full contribution.

Mirwaiz condemned the government for not allowing JKLF chairman, Yasin Malik to hold a hunger strike and peaceful protest in Delhi. He said it was highly undemocratic and contrary to the basic fundamentals of justice that Malik was being asked to return to Srinagar. He said the reaction of imposing curbs on peaceful protest can never be peaceful. He said if such thing happened, the entire responsibility would fall on those elements who have not allowed space for peaceful protests.


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