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 Stressing upon the world community to play its role in solving the pending Kashmir dispute, APHC (M) Chairman, Dr Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, on Thursday stated that any attempt to put the issue in cold storage or deliberately delay its solution would imperil the peace in the entire region.

According to a statement issued to KNS, while addressing an international conference, “Kashmir: Challenges and Prospects”, organized by a think tank Muslim Institute, in Islamabad, Pakistan by Video link, Mirwaiz said the lasting solution of Kashmir issue was extremely significant as far as the stability of the region was concerned. He stressed that to secure the future of millions of people living in the South Asia, there was a need to solve Kashmir issue on urgent basis.

Mirwaiz said that Kashmir was a political issue and hence 1.5 crore inhabitants of the state should be given the right to exercise their political future. In this context, he said the role of International community was quite important since they can remove the obstacles and problems coming in the way of right to self determination.

Expressing serious concern over the double stands of international community, APHC Chairman said when the world community can play an active role in solving Kosvo, South Sudan and East Timor like issue, why not the same with Kashmir? He said international community should initiate serious steps to solve the dispute for once and all.

Being a lucrative market for the world business, Mirwaiz said India was emerging as an important destination for many countries who have their economic interests attached to the nation, adding, despite this reality, it should not be ignored that Kashmir issue was the main source of tension between the two nuclear armed countries, India and Pakistan from Past many decades. In the context of NATO led forces withdrawal from Afghanistan and the emergence of subsequent political situation, Mirwaiz said the significance of solution of Kashmir has grown manifold.

Mirwaiz said that changing global political situation has proved that mass public movements can’t be suppressed by force, adding, the recent political changes in the middle east strengthens the fact that issues can’t be solved by dint of force and terror.

Asserting that Hurriyat conference has always considered the role of international community for lasting solution of Kashmir issue as inevitable, APHC Chairman said in the light of pending UN resolutions over the dispute, the role of world community can’t be ignored and the time has come that they should take serious steps to solve the dispute for once and all.

Mirwaiz said international community can play an effective role by ensuring a serious meaningful dialogue between India, Pakistan and Kashmiri resistance leadership to solve the dispute. He said the Indian rejection of mediation offer by international community to solve the dispute was contrary to the political realities and to the international law.


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