Mirwaiz wants Modi to be the next PM: Dulat

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Former chief of India’s premier intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Amar Singh Dulat Thursday said that there is no doubt in this fact that with regard to Kashmir NDA was far better than present UPA regime. He told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS that there are indications that if Narendara Modi comes to power he will follow the policies of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

“There was lot of development on Kashmir issue during NDA rule. I was myself the adviser of Vajpayee and I know he was interested in resolving the K-issue. Unfortunately, the UPA government relinquished his policies as a result there was no breakthrough on the issue from past 10 years,” he said.

A.S.Dulat said that the statement made by Mirwaiz clearly indicates that he wants to see Modi as the Prime Minister of India. “Whatever Mirwaiz has said should be seen in the context of Kashmir issue. I also believe that NDA has potential and ability to bring all the separatist leaders including Mirwaiz on table and that happens in near future, it will certainly yield positive results,” he said.

He said that Mirwaiz has his own stature and being the religious head, Government of India always wants to engage him in dialogue. “UPA did not do anything in bringing Kashmiri separatist leaders on table, but keeping the present scenario into consideration, it is believed that once NDA comes to power, things will rapidly change and people of Kashmir will feel a change,” he said adding that Mirwaiz is right in terming NDA better than UPA because UPA deviated from the path which Vajpayee was following.

Former RAW chief said that if Kashmiri people feel that only NDA has ability to deliver goods on Kashmir issue then it would be better for everyone that NDA forms government in New Delhi. (CNS)


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