Mirwaiz, Yasin aghast over new Power Curtailment schedule

KL Report


Coming down heavily on the state authorities over the new curtailment schedule issued by the Power Development Department (PDD) recently, the Pro-freedom parties in valley today termed the move ‘deep conspiracy’ against the people of Kashmir.

Chairman Huriyat Conference (M) Mirwiaz Umar farooq while terming the recently issued power curtailment schedule ‘anti people’, slammed the state government over turning blind eye towards the plight being faced by the people here. ”Every year the people of Kashmir are being forced to live without electricity during the harsh winters and not even for the single time the administration take appropriate measures so that the crises could be halted.”

“The government claims to have introduced new schemes in Kashmir worth crores of rupees but one must ask them about  their inability to stabilize Kashmir’s power sector ,”said Mirwaiz while adding that the every year the supply of electricity worsens in valley and authorities show no concern towards its remedial measures.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Mirwaiz said that the government after moving its offices to Jammu, leaves valley in the midst of ‘calamity’. “We see that we are back to square one very year when it comes to the supply of the electricity, why the government is allowing such crises to happen when it can be rectified.”

Stating that the water resources are being wasted by the authorities, Mirwaiz asked the trade unions and civil society groups to adopt the strategy to protest against the power crises in valley. “Let the civil societies and valley traders come forward, the Huriyat conference will support them at every step”

Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik when contacted accused that the people of valley are being deprived of their basic rights under a well ‘planned’ strategy and that it is unfortunate that the electricity generated from Kashmir is being supplied to outside world with the people of Kashmir forced to live in darkness.

“The water resources here are being looted and the electricity generated from Kashmir’s waters is being sold to the people back here at the cost that is five times more than the actual.”

Malik further stated that the authorities here must understand that the ‘anti-people’ moves cannot suppress the dissent and that even after people are being subjected to the ‘worst’ kind of treatment, they would still strive for the just cause


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