Mirwaiz’s Joint Meet: Speakers Press for Unity; Hurriyat (g), Jamaat-eI-Islami Skip

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Members from the civil society, bar association, KCCI, KEA and other religious organisations, turned up for the proposed joint meet of Hurriyat (m) on Wednesday.

The meeting was called by Hurriyat (m) chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq to counter “government aggression” and devise future course of action with regards to “freedom movement”. But before this meet, Mirwaiz was put under house arrest.

Hurriyat (m) leaders on the occasion said that the agenda of the meeting was to take suggestions from all quarters and stakeholders of kashmir viz-a-viz Kashmir Issue. “People have been complaining of regular strike calls by separatist groups. We want them to come forward and suggest other means of protest.”

The speakers on the occasion pressed for the unity of the separatist groups and said that these groups are not able to counter government on any front due to the lack of specific political strategy.

Extending support to “United Hurriyat” KEA chairman, M Yasin Khan, said that the KEA is always ready to support the programs and marches of ‘united Hurriyat’.

He said, “Hartal is an option available but there is a need to draft other strategies to counter the government on every front.”

“Mufti is implementing Hindutva in the state and acting at the behest of his RSS masters in India.”

He said, “Unity is the only thing that will take the movement forward.”

Nasir-ul-Islam, Naib Mufti JK, said, “Nothing short of independence is acceptable to the people of Kashmir.  We have never accepted occupation neither shall we ever accept it.” Nasir also pressed for the unity of “Pro-Freedom” camps.

Advocate Siddeeqi of the Bar Association said, “We have tried all means of protest since 1989. We can’t fight for Azadi and at the same time also desire our businesses to flourish. Neither can we back-off from the ‘hartal strategy’. It is an important means of registering protest. He however advocated to explore other means of protests as well.”

“We can organise seminars and other competitions to commemorate the losses of our dear ones who lost life 20 years ago rather than calling for strikes.” He said, “Strikes should not be called for those incidents that have taken place a long time back. Strikes should be used effectively and occasionally.”

Siddeeqi appreciated the efforts of Mirwaiz for organising the meet.

Hurriyat (m) leader Musaddiq Aadil said whenever someone calls for a strike call, people ask who has called for a strike. It is shameful, he said. “As of now representatives from all the pro-movement parties should form a group, like that of coordination committee. And only that group should call for a strike.”

This way, he said, a platform would be set for the unification process and joint strategies against state aggression.

On the occasion Mirwaiz Umar addressed the audience telephonically and condemned the arrests of Hurriyat leaders ahead of the march. Mirwaiz also thanked those present for coming and sharing their valuable thoughts. “Where is the battle of Ideas, we are not even provided political space?” he asked

Others who spoke on the occasion were, Nazir Ahmad Ronga, Columnist Aijaz ul Haq, Businessman Shakeel Qalander, and other members from civil society.

No representative of Hurriyat (g), Jamaat-e-Islami or JKLF was seen present in the meeting.

However, reports said that JKLF representative Noor Muhammad Kalwal was on way to the venue and was detained by police near Khanyar. He, along with Feroz Ahmad of Muslim League has been detained in Police station Khanyar.

No Hurriyat (g) or Jamaat-i- Islami member was available for the comment.

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