‘Mismatched’ blood transfusion, girl dies in SKIMS


A 23-years-old girl, who as per her family, suffered blood transfusion reaction at SKIMS Soura last week breathed her last on Thursday evening.

Reports said that a patient identified as Mir Anjum, daughter of  Muhammad Akram Mir, a resident of Gousia colony Bemina, was transfused with two pints of blood at the hospital after she had passed blood with the stool on March 29.

The family alleges that soon after the transfusion, the patient’s condition deteriorated and was taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where she was into coma for four days.

“Blood was given by the doctors from SKIMS blood bank. But that blood was from another blood group, totally mismatching with her blood (O+ve). She was on the ventilator, almost 90 per cent dead declared by the doctor himself. One of the doctors verbally speaking with the kin admitted that the blood was mismatching,” reports quoted Anjum’s cousin as having said.

The family then reported the case with the nearby police station where they filed a complaint and also held a protest inside the premises of the hospital.

Following the case, the Director SKIMS, Dr Omar Javed Shah ordered an internal inquiry in the case. The probe panel was headed by Medical Superintendent, Dr Farooq A Jan.

“This is not a case of mismatched blood transfusion as we have already ruled out the possibility in our inquiry. There may be some preservative or reagent to which the patient’s body reacted this way. We are investigating further to know the specific cause of her deteriorating condition,” he has reportedly said.

Dr Jan has also said the patient had been diagnosed with liver disease, Hepatic Vein Cavernoma, and was advised blood transfusion. “The patient received one pint of blood normally on Friday. But, she developed reaction on Sunday after one more pint was infused into her body. We probed the family’s claim but found that the wrong blood was not infused. She is getting treatment for anaphylactic reaction and is responding well to the treatment,” he had said.

Meanwhile, the family of Anjum has filed the case in Police station Soura.

“No FIR is lodged in the police station. A report has been entered and today the SHO has asked them (family) to come up with an application but they did not,” said an officer knowing the details of the case.

But the concerned SHO has written to the medical superintendent of the hospital, a copy of which has been sent to the SSP Srinagar as well, that they have initiated a preliminary enquiry to ascertain the facts about allergy/infection so that the enquiry can be finalised. “They have sought the list of details/ list of doctors/ medical staff of ICU/ blood bank/documentary proof of date 01-04-2019, also provide the apparatus used to inject the infected blood to the said patient,” said the officer.


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