MLA Engineer Rasheed says Goodwill schools an infiltration into identity

SRINAGAR: Following Syed Ali Geelanis statement on army run schools in Kashmir, lawmaker Engineer Rasheed said the curriculum of these schools is against the Kashmir identity.

In a statement issued here, Rasheed rejected propagandas of Indian media regarding concern being shown by Syed Ali Geelani over Army Goodwill schools and said that Kashmiris don’t need lectures from Indian Media and communal think tanks regarding education.

“There are best private schools being run by various religious and social organisations all over state where people can enrol their children for quality education. There is every reason to oppose Goodwill schools as the Army as an institution is responsible for heinous crimes against Kashmiris,” Rsheed said. “If General Rawat declares everyone taking to streets as OGW of militant outfits, there is no fun to provide education to our children and mislead the world community in the name of Sadbhavna (Goodwill) which has proved Sad Bhawna (Bad will)”.

“It is beyond proof that the pattern of Education and other curriculum activities of these schools are desperate moves to infiltrate into our religious, social and cultural identity,” the statement said. However, Rasheed added that rather blaming Army we all need to introspect and it is for the parents to decide if they really want to strengthen not only Army’s view point on Kashmir but also are pushing their children towards getting isolated from their own society.

He hit hard at Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for her claim that Narinder Modi only can resolve Kashmir dispute. Rasheed has asked Mehbooba Mufti not to make herself laughing stock and must explain if Modi has agreed to right to self determination to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

While addressing a public meeting at Kukroosa Handwara today, Rasheed said that it seems Modi has promised Mehbooba to resolve Kashmir dispute Gujrat way, where he butchered thousands of Muslims and silenced Muslims first in Gujrat and now is successfully doing it everywhere in India.

“It is strange while every BJP leader from Seemari to Kanya Kumari is calling every Kashmiri a Pakistani agent and Narinder Modi is refusing even to speak a word on the political dispute, Mehbooba Mufti is begging for talks which have no meaning except maintaining status-quo”.


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