‘MLA Gurez Misusing CDF For His Personal Interests’

KL Report


Former MLA Gurez and senior Congress leader has alleged  that present MLA Gurez is misusing his Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

“I have proof that Minister of State Nazir Gurezi has distributed Rs 15000 each to scores of voters with an intention that they could help him in coming Assembly elections,” Fakir Ahmed Khan told CNS.

He said that CDF is meant for the development of constituency but the present MLA is using it for its personal interests.

“People of Gurez demand that Minister be made accountable and he should be asked with whose permission he is draining state ex-chequer,” he said.

He further said that present MLA is indifferent towards those people of Gurez who don’t follow his party and dozens of areas of Gurez san basic facilities.

He appealed UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi to intervene into the matter and deliver justice to the people of Gurez.


  1. mr faqeer khan i am from Gurez but the ground Situation is totally different , I feel he has done an excellent job as minster of state he is doing very good job, he is one of the best leader we had been have. Nazir Gurezi has been working very hard. He is one of the best . I don’t know why people cannot see the good things he has done for everybody. Please! People, think about how the Gurez was four years ago or you have forgotten so soon?


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