Omar Should Not Behave Like A War-Monger: Swami Agnivesh

KL Report


swami agniveshArya Samaj Scholar and Human Rights activist Swami Agnivesh Saturday asked Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to stop behaving like a war-monger and think twice before passing any such comments which could flare up the situation.

“We should look at the other side of the coin as well. It is not only Indian media but Pakistani media is also claiming that Indian soldiers are violating the ceasefire. So we should condemn the attacks of both Indian and Pakistani soldiers and should ask politicians especially the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir not to indulge in hate speeches,” Agnivesh told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that politicians are giving too much hype to border skirmishes.

“I fail to understand what Omar Abdullah and other war-mongers would get by targeting Pakistani establishment. These politicians should remember that love begets love. It is not desirable for the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir to speak such language which emanates hatred,” he said.

Swami Agnivesh said that Pakistan wants peace with India and there is a need to defeat those elements that are hell-bent to disturb the peace between the two countries.

“We have to stand united against vested interests who don’t want peace should prevail between India and Pakistan. Leaders of both countries should sit across the table and end all these skirmishes. People to people contact, cultural exchange and free trade between the two countries will certainly make it possible,” he said.

Swami Agnivesh said that both countries are beset with so many problems and cannot afford war. “Let the politicians stop behaving as war mongers and talk peace. Peace is the source of development and people of the Subcontinent yearn for peace and not war,” he said.


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