MMM Issues Fresh Protest Calendar, Shutdown on Thursday


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Mutahidda Majlis Mashawarat(MMM) with all its constituents Sunday called a meeting to discuss the scenario after the hanging of parliament attack convict Muhammad Afzal Guru in Delhi’s Tihar jail.

“After hanging an innocent man, India is adamant even not to return his body,” read the statement.

The members accused India of using immense power to crush the people and negate the just demand which asks for the bodies of Muhammad Maqbool Bhat and Muhammad Afzal Guru.

MMM appealed people to remain steadfast on the demand of taking bodies back from Delhi’s Tihar jail.

About the protest calendar, the members said that MMM pays due attention to the problems faced by people and accordingly the protest schedule is framed.

“To compensate the loss of one day hartal, Sunday is kept open,” read the statement.

MMM appealed people to follow the calendar peacefully and also asked transporters to adhere to the call as a responsibility to the ‘movement’.

Calendar For Next Week:

Monday: After evening prayers protest in Masjids. Asking India to return bodies, raise pro freedom slogans. Condemn arrests.

Tuesday: No Hartal, but write slogans asking for the bodies.

Wednesday: From 1pm to 2pm, protest by students.

Thursday: Complete Shutdown

Friday: No Hartal but protest marches after Friday congregational prayers.

Saturday: Protest through social media, asking for mortal remains, asking for mortal remains.

Sunday: Normal Working Day.


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