Modi Felicitates JK BJP Politicians at Ramlila Maidan


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Although state of Jammu and Kashmir is under Governor’s rule from Friday evening since no major political party claimed to form new government after December 23 poll results threw up a hung assembly, state BJP politicians are being felicitated in Ramlila Maidan Saturday at a political rally by PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi.

Reports reaching here said that the party will felicitate chief ministers from other mainland Indian states where it recently won while Jugal Kishore Sharma and Dr Jitendra Singh will represent Jammu and Kashmir where BJP has performed well bagging 25 seats in a house of 87 members.

“They will request voters from their respective states to vote for the BJP. They will also project the achievements of their governments and will promise development,” a senior party leader said.

The reports said that the felicitation is being seen as an attempt by the BJP to showcase its “acceptance” by voters of states where it had failed to register its presence in earlier elections.

MoS in PMO from J&K, Dr Jitendra Singh shall also address the ‘Abhinandan rally’ among others that include Arun Jaitley and Venkaiah Naidu that will sound the poll bugle in New Delhi.


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