Modi Magic Crumbling in JK: NC


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State Senior Vice President National Conference Surjeet Singh Slathia on Tuesday decried BJP’s machinations of hoodwinking public opinion, saying the people know that the ongoing electoral process is to choose representatives for the Legislative Assembly.

“The current elections are about seeking redressal to local issues by the government in the state and this can be achieved only be electing representatives who are connected with the ground”, Slathia, who is National Conference candidate from Vijaypur, said while addressing several election meetings in the constituency.

He said the BJP has lost these elections the day they announced mandates as those in the fray have no connect with the people or the ground realities. “The fact that they are banking upon Narendra Modi speaks about their own hollowness and standing on ground”, he said adding that frustration is looming large on them about the prospect of losing as they find no response from the electorate.

Slathia said the people want development, employment and all the basic services which can make their living comfortable. “They cannot be fed with false promises and emotive slogans”, he said adding that the people are politically sagacious enough and know that BJP has no prospect of forming a government in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Those seeking votes on a particular name were in fact exposing their own worth and standing among the people”, he said, adding that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed in delivering even after seven months of BJP government in New Delhi. He said the prices were raising fast and the gap between rich and poor widening on alarming scale. The dream of Ache Din has fractured since and the government in New Delhi was now resorting to political gimmickry. “This may work somewhere but not in Jammu and Kashmir where the people are wise enough to read between the lines”, Slathia said while advising BJP to stop inciting passions of the people.


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