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Prime Minister Narendra Modi came out strongly against Pakistan for “continuing its proxy war of terrorism” against India, saying “Pakistan has lost the strength to fight a conventional war”.

While boasting the morale of the soldiers and officers in Siachen, Modi said BJP led NDA Government  will not compromise on the world’s highest battlefield in the Siachen Glacier. Since 1984, India is maintaining control of the Siachen Glacier and its tributaries.

Between 1984 and 1999, frequent skirmishes took place between India and Pakistan. However, more soldiers have died in Siachen from harsh weather conditions than from enemy firing.

Modi gave a strong message to Pakistan who has been demanding demilitarisation of the Glacier. Siachen Glacier is considered strategically very important with Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) on one side and Aksai Chin on the other.

Modi said India was committed to strong armed forces, well-equipped with modern arms and technology. “The jawans should be assured that the entire country supports them,” he assured. The Prime Minister said soldiers remain undeterred in spite of the many negatives and struggles that their families face in day-to-day life and this energy and sense of duty inspires him and, therefore, he keeps visiting jawans on the border to seek inspiration.

Addressing soldiers Modi said that the “neighbouring country has lost the strength to fight a conventional war, but continues to engage in the proxy war of terrorism”.

Earlier Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Leh-Srinagar transmission line and said,  “we are  committed to Prakash, Paryavaran and Paryatan (light, environment, tourism).”

The Indian army posts are located in Siachen at altitudes ranging from 17,000 feet to 23,000 feet along the Actual Ground Postioning Line (AGPL) with Pakistan.

Pakistan has been seeking the withdrawal of Indian troops from there as a confidence-building measure but this has been opposed by the Army and the Defence Ministry which say the heights are of strategic importance.


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