Modi is a strong PM, can resolve Kashmir: Hakim Yasin



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MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin on Tuesday said that due to the bad policies of the incumbent government, the situation in Kashmir has reached to a point where nobody feels safe.

In a statement Yasin said that while killings have become order of the day in the Valley, development has taken a back seat. “Corruption is at its peak, law and order situation has deteriorated to an extent where nobody feels safe, unemployment is rampant and people are crying for basic amenities. For how long this government will keep these issues under the carpet,” he asked.

The MLA Khansahib said that uncertain situation in the state has lead to fear psychosis among the people which is dangerous for any society. “Only solution to all these problems is resolution of Kashmir issue according to the aspirations of its people at the earliest as any delay could lead to disastrous consequences. Central and State governments must take steps so that conducive atmosphere is created for solving the vexed issue once for all,” he said.

The PDF chief urged the Centre to initiate an unconditional and time bound dialogue process with Pakistan and all stakeholders of Kashmir, including separatists, to settle the issue. “Only then the killings and uncertain situation can be curbed. Mere statements and hoax promises won’t yield anything unless the root cause of the problem is addressed,” he said.

Yasin urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to work like a statesman and take steps for the resolution of the Kashmir issue. “Modiji is a strong PM and has strong mandate. He only can solve Kashmir issue, if he is willing. History is witness that no issue in the world has been settled through wars. War only brings destruction. India and Pakistan have fought three wars and after every war, they had to come on the negotiation table. Confrontation and hostility between New Delhi and Islamabad have not yielded favorable results for either country in the past. I appeal leadership of both the countries to shun the violence and come on negotiation table for the settlement of vexed Kashmir issue,” he added.


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