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Taking strong exception to the nomination of Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial Candidate, Syed Ali Geelani, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) on Sunday termed Modi as a ‘killer of humanity’ whose nomination is in total contrast with India’s claims of being a democratic and secular country.

Addressing a public rally at Kulgam, Geelani said: “Modi is the person responsible for the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. He is responsible for the gross human rights violations   and barbaric victimization of Muslims in Gujarat.”

Reiterating his election boycott call, Geelani said that some people join political mainstream and advocate people to participate in polls act as ‘collaborators’ in inflicting oppression and suppression on Kashmiris.  “The mainstream parties like Congress, NC, PDP and other parties are equally responsible for the victimization of Kashmiris as India is. Those who will vote are like brokers of sacrifices offered by martyrs,” the Hurriyat (G) chairman said, according to KNS correspondent.

He said that it is the mainstream parties in Jammu and Kashmir that bartered state’s natural resources especially the water. “It is why the people of Kashmir have been pushed into perpetual darkness. Our water resources are being used to generate electricity and the same is being sold to different states while the people of Kashmir have been left to bear the brunt.”

The senior separatist leader said that people of Kashmir will not accept any solution of Kashmir dispute other than the independence.  “The majority here want resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with their political aspirations.”

Meanwhile,  referring to a Delhi Court’s order by virtue of which Syed Sallah-u-Din the UJC chief was declared as a proclaimed offender, Geelani condemned the decision saying that the UJC chief is fighting for a scared cause and India’s ‘rigid’ approach   vis-à-vis resolution of Kashmir issue has compelled people like Sallah-u-Din to take guns.

“The people like Syed Sallah-u-Din are not terrorists but they are the freedom fighters who are fighting for the independence of Kashmir and are ready to lay their lives for this cause,” Geelani said, according to KNS Kulgam correspondent.

Geelani also reassured the non Muslims that Kashmiri Muslims are not communal. “Let me assure my non Muslim brethren   that after we get independence, their lives and properties will remain safe and secure. I appeal them to support the Kashmir’s freedom movement and I assure them that their rights would be safeguarded after independence.   Further, we will fail every attempt which is aimed to divide Kashmir on regional, religious or cultural basis.”

The Hurriyat (G) chairman stressed that people won’t allow any compromise or any alteration in the geographical boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir that existed on August 15, 1947.  Besides rejecting the four point formula proposed by the Pakistan’s former army chief Pervez Musharaf, Geelani, rejected the roadmaps including Autonomy, Self Rule, Status Quo mooted by the political mainstream in Kashmir.

“My rallies are aimed to make the international community aware that India is continuing its occupation in Jammu and Kashmir forcibly. It is also to make clear to the world that Kashmir is not an integral part of India but a disputed territory, which is yet to be resolved.”


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