Modi’s Diwali Visit is Cultural Aggression: Geelani

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Accusing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “communal mindset”, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Wednesday said that the visit of Modi on Diwali to Muslim dominated state of Jammu and Kashmir is “nothing but show of Hidutva mindset”.

Addressing a press conference here at his residence, octogenarian leader said that the proposed visit of Modi shows the extremist mindset of Indian politicians.

“To celebrate Diwali in Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir is nothing but cultural aggression on part of Modi,” he said. “Modi’s stay in Kashmir on Diwali is nothing but an election stunt. India wants to show world that they are with flood hit Kashmiris. It is ridiculous,” he added.

Geelani said that at a time when pro-India politicians should have thought and worked on rehabilitation of flood hit people, they are busy in election politics. “Their priority should have been to rehabilitate flood hit Kashmiris but they are playing their petty politics,” he said and added, “Once election notification is out, we shall declare our policy, but that doesn’t mean that we should not observe dirty moves of Indian establishment in Kashmir.”

Justifying his strike call on Modi’s visit, Geelani said, “This call will once again show and remind India that it is illegally occupying Kashmir and Modi is visiting an occupied territory.”

Geelani also claimed that the proposed package of Indian PM Modi is nothing but mere eye-wash and petty politics for elections. “We don’t demand packages but we should know that the money that is being distributed through relief packages is nothing but our tax money,” Geelani said.

“India won’t be doing any favour to Kashmiris by announcing a package as they have been exploiting our resources since last 65 years,” said Geelani.

He also lashed on India for stopping International aid to Kashmiris. “Let Indian allow us to visit foreign countries, we shall ourselves get the money but they are stopping it cruelly,” he said.

Hurriyat patriarch further said that if Kashmir had its resources in its own hands, Kashmiris would not require any packages then. “We have huge water and other resources and Kashmiris don’t need any relief packages if the resources are managed by Kashmiris themselves.”

Geelani also criticised the bills of NDRF, IAF and other agencies for their ‘selective rescue’ in Kashmir.

“It is a joke on their part to ask for money,” he said.

“These packages hold no meaning for common Kashmiris as money will used to pay NDRF and IAF for their selective rescue services. A common Kashmiri should not pin his hopes on India,” he alleged.

Geelani also called for a strike call on October 27 against the landing of Indian forces in Kashmir. “Kashmiris shall observe a complete shutdown on October 27 as Indian forces illegally landed in Kashmiri on this day in 1947 and are still occupying it,” he said.

On the occasion, Geelani gave away cheques worth Rs Five Lakh among 50 flood hit victims of Srinagar.


  1. If it is so bad in Jammu and Kashmir why are you still here you old fool ? Go to Pakistan’s “Azad Kashmir” and live freely there, what is stopping you ?

    As for YOUR “tax money” – 90% of you are beggars and don’t pay taxes to even cover the costs of building roads and maintaining them – do you think you have some Ambani or Tata’s in your Kashmir to provide India with significant “tax revenues” ?? LOL

    And the “rivers” and “resources” are not YOURS – they belong to India, just like the land under your feed Geelani. You are just a Kashmiri living on Indian land, drinking INDIAN water and breathing INDIAN air. Never forget that.


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