‘Mohammad Akbar Lone Is The Biggest Ikhwani’

KL Report


The son of former Ikhwani commander Kuka Parrey, civil society of Hajin and others came down heavily on Minister for Higher Education Mohammad Akbar Lone for claiming that Ikhwani culture is being revived in Hajin area of Bandipora. They alleged that, it is the Minister himself who is taking shelter of former Ikhwani commanders and use them as fodder during elections to occupy the berth for the Assembly.

“Ask the Minister who was accompanying him when youth pelted stones on his cavalcade. Mohammad Akbar Lone was accompanied by former Ikhwani commander Abdul Rehman Shaala who was wielding AK-47 in air to scare the protestors,” Muslim League District secretary Bandipora Mehraj-u-Din Nanda told CNS adding that all the former renegades including Rashid Billa, Rashid Kabli, Rehman Shaala, Munwar Joshi and Dilawar Pathan are at the beck and call of the Minister.

Imtiyaz Ahmed Parrey, Congress leader and the son of former Ikhwani commander, Kuka Parrey told CNS that Mohammad Akbar Lone is the biggest Ikhwani himself who has left no stone unturned in tarnishing the image of the Hajin area. “Its reality and a bitter fact that all the surviving Ikhwani commanders are revolving around the Minister and the people of Hajin are aware about this fact.

Civil Society member Hajin, Master Abdul Ahad said that Lone is befooling people and misleading media by claiming that Ikhwani’s pelt stones on him. “This fellow has ignored his constituency completely and people are waiting eagerly for the day when he would be out of power. It is absolutely baseless to call the agitated youth Ikhwani’s as Ikhwani’s are the part of his band,” he said.

One of the Civil Society member from Hajin area told CNS on condition of anonymity that Mohammad Akbar Lone is feeding Ikhwani commanders to fulfill his interests during elections. “it is he who is harbouring all the former Ikhwani commanders and encourage them to let loose a reign of terror in the area,” he said adding that Lone can’t mislead people anymore.



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