Mohammad Akber Lone

People who watched Muhammad Akbar Lone conduct the House in the last government as Deputy Speaker were surprised that he was a changed man. As a deputy speaker, Lone was impressive whenever he had to conduct the House. This time, however, from the day one in the budget session, his conduct as a speaker, to say the least, has been unparliamentarily.
Lone was seen on television channels swearing at the opposition members and making obscene gestures. He was accused of not offering the opposition, especially the PDP members a chance to express. This triggered a series of controversies and cornered the government.
But this week, as the House assembled again, reportedly after exorcising, Lone had again changed for good. The presiding officer was more accommodative and indicated that he as the boss in the house has to de-link himself from the party affiliations, at least till he is in his chair as speaker. He was more respectful towards the members and would not threaten anybody to be marshalled out. He did not raise his middle finger this week and did not tell his security to be around the opposition. This led to a change in the house. The business was transacted as per the script. Budget was presented without a problem and the discussions have already begun. On Shopian sample fudging case, he was very receptive to the suggestions of the members. A number of private member bills were introduced, discussed and binned under the law governing the house.
A lawyer, Lone represents Sonawari in the assembly for the second consecutive term. While the house he presides is getting in order, the multi-crore fascinating complex has another problem – ventilation. As the debates peak, sweating and humidity adds to the heat. It needs immediate air-conditioning.


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