Mothers of militants have shown exemplary courage: Dukhtaran


Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Friday paid glowing tributes to the slain militants, Aijaz Ahmad Mir and Basharat Ahmad Sheikh, who were killed in an encounter in Sopore in northern part of Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Thursday.

DeM secretary general, Nahida Nasreen, while paying tributes to the slain said that India has given five blows to Kashmiri nation in initial days of holy month of Ramadhan. “These Mujahideen are dearer than our children to us as they are fighting for us against the brutal Indian occupation,” she said, in a statement issued here on Thursday afternoon.

DeM secretary general Nahida Nasreen

She said that with the grace of Almighty Allah SWT, every Kashmiri is now coming out to express its love and respect to the “Mujahideen who get martyred”. “The massive participation of people in the funeral procession is not confined to the south Kashmir only but people in every part of the valley take part in the funeral of a Mujahid, whether in south, central or north Kashmir. Everywhere people love their Mujahideen,” she said.

She said that these “martyrs are revered by the people in the Valley”. “The way the body of Sopore martyrs were welcomed by their mothers, brings in memories of Sahaba and our great leaders of the past.”

“When we see our Mujahideen, we get to remember our Sahaba who left everything for Islam and sacrificed everything in the path of Almighty Allah,” she added.

She said that the whole Kashmiri nation salutes the mothers of these “martyrs”. “Like their sons, Allah SWT will also reward these mothers who have shown exemplary courage and set an example for all mothers to follow,” she added.


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