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National Conference Sunday asked that member Parliament and PDP leader Tariq Hamid Karra should be held answerable on how he has illegally occupied more than a hundred kanals of evacuee property land of the Custodian Department worth almost a hundred crores at current market prices at Shivpora, a party spokesperson said in a statement.

Terming this as a blatant incident of massive land-grabbing, NC Spokesperson said that Tariq Karra is terrorizing the locals in Shivpora through his muscle-men and exerting undue influence on the Custodian Department Officials to put into abeyance a recent order that reportedly proved Karra’s claim to the land as hollow and provided relief to locals in Shivpora.

While demanding an elaborate investigation into possible offences of undue coercive measures, cheating, forgery, criminal trespass and criminal intimidation against Tariq Karra, the spokesperson said, “The Custodian Department has legally challenged Tariq Karra’s occupation of a huge tract of Custodian Land at Shivpora which Karra claims belongs to his ancestors. However, under the said norms of safeguarding and protecting Custodian Property, Tariq Karra is neither a proclaimed ‘Manager’ of the said Evacuee Property, nor a proven or adjudged direct legal heir. Karra has also shown blatant disrespect to the law of the land by till date not paying any fees for occupation of the custodian land. His occupation of the said land worth crores is completely and totally illegal and amounts to brazen land-grabbing.”

NC Spokesman said that Tariq Karra had reached no settlement with the Custodian Department on this issue till date and was rather involved in frequently harassing and terrorizing poor local families in Shivpora by threatening to render them homeless by grabbing their properties. “A few days ago the locals got a reprieve in the form of an order through the Custodian Department. However, PDP leaders including Karra allegedly threatened Government Officials of the Custodian department of dire consequences and prevented them from carrying out their official work. This translates into a grave criminal offence that cannot be brushed under the carpet, especially given the fact that the mastermind and benefactor is a Member of Parliament. We demand a thorough and time-bound judicial probe into this alleged massive land-grab by the PDP leader and Member of Parliament at the earliest possible instance,” the NC Spokesperson said.

Stating that PDP aspires to throw Srinagar at the mercy of land-grabbers, rice-bag thieves and car lifters in the guise of “politicians”, the Spokesperson said that PDP was officially owning up its erstwhile covert avatar of corruption by empowering indicted and known corrupt politicians as “new faces” of the party. “We will not allow PDP to terrorize or harass the people of Srinagar on one pretext or the other. The party has offered some of the most dubious and corrupt faces as its representatives from Srinagar. This is an indication of the lack of honest faces within the party and the fact that PDP is the spring of corruption in J&K. Their plans to criminalize politics in Srinagar will be thwarted effectively by the people in the forthcoming Assembly Elections,” the statement said.


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