Ms Mufti praising Sheikh to legitimize her mistakes, says Rasheed

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Incumbent MLA Langate Er Rasheed while welcoming NC Patron Dr Farooq’s statement that he is ready to support Hurriyat and his party favours what people of Kashmir are fighting for, has appealed Hurriyat and other political groups to consider his offer on merits.

However Er Rasheed said that before any such move Dr Farooq should recognise that the on-going movement has one point agenda which is ‘right to self-determination’.

Rasheed in a statement said, “Kashmiris have to be one if they really want to reach their destiny and have to rise above the egos and personal likes and dislikes.”

While Dr Farooq has said something that makes sense but he has to show consistency, clear the confusions and give up the agenda of so-called autonomy.

Rasheed added that his party is ready to go to any extent in offering support to any such move.

“Mehbooba Mufti should also explain that if she and her late father had built their empires on the basis of anti-Sheikh politics and by opposing Indira-Abdulla accord, what moral authority does she have to praise the late leader.”

The vibrant lawmaker reminded Mehbooba Mufti that neither her criticism nor praises can change the history and late Sheikh would be remembered as the root cause of the miseries of Kashmiri people and had Sheikh Shb truly cared for the people he would have shown consistency and not made periodic “sell outs” right from 1947 to 1975.

Rasheed accused Mehbooba Mufti of praising Sheikh just to legitimize her mistakes which have favored her bosses in New Delhi but asked her not to forget getting lessons from the fact that how PM Modi ran bare footed to pay homage to late Jayalalitha.

“Should Miss Mufti answer that did her father get the same attention during his illness and same respect after his demise?”


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