Calling those killed ‘criminals’ new low for Mehbooba, says NC, ‘Evident that onslaught on civilians had CM’s complete approval’

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Junaid Azim Mattoo
Junaid Azim Mattoo

National Conference on Tuesday condemned Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s shocking remarks dubbing civilians killed in the current unrest as “criminals” who according to her “were attacking camps”. Describing this latest absurd comment by the Chief Minister as yet another shocking revelation of her ruthlessness and disconnect from reality, NC State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said the Chief Minister should tender a public apology to hundreds of grieving families for rubbing salt on their wounds.

The NC Spokesperson asked Mehbooba Mufti to realize how her Government had lorded over the worst form of indiscriminate repression on civilians in recent history and stop defaming those who had lost their lives in this unrest. “Every single time you think the Chief Minister has touched the lowest possible ebb of insensitivity and absurdity, she surprises you by stooping even lower. The same woman who exploited every single funeral of a slain militant as an opportunity for politics has today transformed into a woman who doesn’t hesitate to call slain civilians ‘criminals’. For a Chief Minister to say something so crass, inappropriate and out rightly insensitive after months of unimaginable suffering in the Valley is a moment of embarrassment for the entire State”, the NC Spokesperson said in the statement.

“Was young Insha of Shopian a ‘criminal’? Was the old lady shot dead while working in her fields in Langate a ‘criminal’? Was the young English professor beaten to death a ‘criminal’? Was the young 7th standard child killed in Harwan a ‘criminal’? Shame on Mehbooba Mufti for having the audacity to call these young children and innocent civilians ‘criminals’. If young Insha was a ‘criminal’ in the CM’s eyes, why did she promise to donate her eyes to the poor girl? Leave alone that promise made for the newspapers, Insha had to be adopted for her medical care and rehabilitation by a Hurriyat leader as the Chief Minister couldn’t even have it in her heart to step up and take the responsibility of her proper treatment and rehabilitation. Had Mehbooba treated cases likes these as a priority rather than talking of gol-gappas and riding scooties – maybe the situation wouldn’t have deteriorated to this extent”, the NC Spokesperson added.

The NC Spokesperson asked the Chief Minister to introspect why she was faced with hostile and angry locals wherever she went in a desperate search for photo-op inaugurations. “How the CM was treated in Kulgam by civilians recently should have been an eye-opener for her but then shame is a luxury for the shameless and our Chief Minister has gotten used to being shameless. She has made peace with being the most unpopular and reviled Chief Minister in the State’s history and such insensitive utterances go on to prove how she is unfit for the chair she has come to occupy through rank opportunism and chicanery”, the NC Spokesperson said in the statement.

“Had Mehbooba Mufti had an iota of shame in her she would have acknowledged the positive role played by National Conference during this blood-soaked unrest. Unlike what she did in 2010, we didn’t lock the gates of the Civil Secretariat nor did we go and beg in New Delhi for the dismissal of the State Government – something she stooped low in doing countless times in 2010. One can understand how the grace to acknowledge a constructive opposition is too much to ask for somebody of Mehbooba Mufti’s stature but for her to blame the opposition for her own Government’s repression is unacceptable and shameless”, the NC Spokesperson further added.

“National Conference has always said it would help and support anybody who works towards alleviating the problems faced by our people and intends to take the State out of political turmoil and bloodshed through means that are peaceful, amicable and democratic. It is evident beyond a modicum of doubt that our Chief Minister doesn’t have the acumen or the political vision to understand this constructive and harmonious approach – which is crucial for the State at this juncture. One could however remind her of her elaborate theatrical performances of yore over sensitive political issues which she exploited for her own personal empowerment but that would be a futile exercise in her case. Her delusions are far too entrenched to be removed”, the NC Spokesperson said.

The NC Spokesperson asked Mehbooba Mufti to clarify why her party’s ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ with the BJP mentioned Hurriyat and prioritized political engagement with them if she believes Hurriyat was the manifestation and reflection of criminality and anarchy in the State? “Why does your ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ so prominently talk about political engagement with Hurriyat as a goal of your alliance and why did Late Mufti Sahab thank the Hurriyat for the peaceful conduct of elections in the State if you consider Hurriyat to be ‘criminal’? This wouldn’t be the first time Mehbooba Mufti has broken her own previous record of contradictions but this certainly could qualify as the most shameless attempt yet at outdoing her own self”, the NC Spokesperson added in the statement.

“Both Mufti Sahab and Mehbooba had mastered the art of political opportunism and had swayed between being solicitors of dialogue with Hurriyat to out rightly denying them space for promised political engagement with New Delhi – depending on political expedience. After Mufti Sahab’s demise, Mehbooba has found it hard to master the same art of riding two horses at the same time and is struggling to make any sense. The most tragic consequence of Mehbooba’s incompetence and imperceptiveness is the loss of young lives in the Valley – something she has now openly ridiculed by terming those slain young men and women ‘criminals’. Nothing could be more shameful and disgusting. Her remarks have made it amply clear that the barbaric onslaught on civilians and especially youth during the past more than four months had the complete and unquestionable approval of the Chief Minister”, the NC Spokesperson stated.


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